Addict Part III


I have been running ever since I left my house. Jason alerted the police about his stolen money. Ever since then, I have been running from the town’s police that patrols the streets in the main city area. For a long time, I waited for my mother to show up and take me back into her arms. I guess I was always just a bit needy for her love. Dad’s nowhere to be found. And I have no education to get myself a decent job.

A few months back when the stash of money that I took from Jason neared its end, I came across a tiny bag hidden between the currency’s fold. And that’s where my misery skyrocketed. Just one whiff and I was all into taking drugs. Now, all my time is dedicated to getting the next dose.

I open my eyes. A playback like this keeps playing on repeat, torturing me day and night. My mother humming, the background shifting, my mother studying, my mother wailing in the washroom, and my mother turning into an addict. I don’t have anyone to look up to. And I suppose there isn’t much that I can do too. Somewhere, in the distance, I hear the police’s siren. Although I am not a fool to go near them, but I don’t intend to show myself to them too.

I don’t feel any fear though. I am just afraid of running out of the money to get my fix like now. I have started to shake like a leaf and I can hear the blood coursing heavily under my pale skin. I have watched myself in the water too many times now to tell you that my eyes are ringed with black circles and my cheeks are hollowed out. My brown hair is a mess of curls but most of all, I don’t understand what I’d do after my last dose.

My muscles are turning to spaghetti, weak and unreliable. In the distance, from my spot in the alley, I can see a small child holding his mother’s hand while their father talks to the sailors about their luggage. An elderly couple also stands in the boarding line. My mind is racing like a crazy bat that has seen the light of the day. All my thoughts concentrate on the money that the young boy is holding in his hands.

The family lets the elder couple go first while the man walks away for some paperwork. My brain runs around in circles, while my eyes keep staring at the wad of cash that can buy me enough drugs to live peacefully for the next time. The little boy tiptoes around the wooden dock, careful not to trip off and fall into the deep water. The tides must be high because the water underneath is surely not that low today.

Without any second thought, I run toward the boy and rip the money away from him with my hoodie covering my face. My long legs carry me away from him in a jiffy and I turn out to see his mother fuzzing over him getting hurt. An ecstatic laugh escapes from my lips as I realize that some people just have too much money to worry about losing some of it. But, I am only in the middle of turning my head when a lorry slams into my side.

I am only minutely aware of what has happened before I feel something wet around my head and I blackout.

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