The Dragon Prince: Part V


Ioan’s POV

My brother grows restless every day. I can feel loneliness and sorrow cover him inch by inch and engulf him at a maddening pace. He has also been looking around more as if he’s hiding something from me. He doesn’t meet my eye anymore.

I worry that my father might have told him about his departure to the deserts. Or might have threatened him about something. I have eyes and ears all across the palace and none of my trusted sources can find anything that might be bothering my brother anew. There’s nothing I can do to understand what is disturbing him so much. I have noticed his peace and calm in front of the princess. He looks at her fondly, maybe because she talks to him. And so, I consider my options of revealing the truth about my brother to her.

But I am afraid that this might only frighten her. It could also possibly take her away from me, which I do not want at any cost. I turn thoughts in my head as a pale moon stares blankly at me. There’s nothing that’s in my power and I feel as useless as a man about to be beheaded with a mighty sword.

I enter my balcony to try to clear my thoughts with fresh air. But instead of fresh air, I smell fire and a slow blanket of thick, smoky clouds descends from the sky. I rush to the tower without any second thoughts.

Mihai’s POV:
I have weighed thoughts after thoughts, aligned them like cards in a deck, and spread them out and weighed their consequences for the past three days and two nights. Before tonight, the thought has always been there; a seed planted since my curse struck me like the only option to escape from this cage.

More than the cage that binds me to the palace, which is now digging a deep ring of pain and blood around my foot, the torment lies in my heart and soul. Torture bakes my mind and speaks for itself, I am the bastard son of this king, I do not deserve to live; something that Ioan’s mother had said while I was still a child.

I have never proven my worth to anybody and my father loathes me like a fish abhors a whiff of fresh air out of the water’s surface. And by no means do I deserve to stand in the way of the love that my brother has started to feel for Princess Elena.

I mark myself as nobody and days of constant questioning to myself have only come forth with this answer. There will be little consequence of my absence so I do what I know is best for myself. I have only pushed this thought away for so many times.

I breathe, without thinking much, I breathe and let the venom out. For once, I feel like I am breathing, like humans do. But just as I breathe, a scorching heat crawls over my limbs and eats away at my flesh. In its wake, I feel a pinching cold that is so cold, it hurts. I see down and see stone. Just then, I breathe my last.

A mighty dragon stone statue and that’s all.