A Tale of Love and Deception Part III


The sun started to crawl higher into the sky, raining down heat with each move. Despite the young prince waiting for his brother, Prince Gabriel never showed up. So, the prince went ahead to inquire after his father’s health. He continued attending various meetings and appointments for them, never pausing to give a thought to the unbearable circumstances brewing in his vicinity at break-neck speed.

The mutinies, his father’s health, and his brother’s suspicious resignation into his bedchamber were all too disturbing. The young prince only paused to break the monotony of his day when a messenger from afar came to report to him, he was the one who came from a small land outside the territory of the Kingdom of Lapaz.

Days bled into nights that gave way to more days and bad news about the High King. Rebellion seemed to poke its nasty head from every corner of the kingdom. Despite Prince Carlos’s insistence, the other prince remained locked in his room. He only met his brother at odds times in the garden where he noticed him taking fresh air.

There was an old paleness to his complexion and a limp had slowly started to take over his steps. Prince Carlos could definitely spot the fatigue and strain in his action. And when he scratched the surface, his brother just warded off the concern of his health as his worries about the future.

But as far as Prince Carlos knew, his brother wasn’t the one to let worry take over his brother. That night brought the news of the High King’s death. Within seconds, it was upon the brothers to take hold of the throne. But it was only two days after the burial that a shattering news hit the kingdom. Prince Gabriel died in his sleep.

Nobody knew what happened or how it happened, they only knew that the young prince died. His living twin believed that his late brother had let grief eat him raw, he had let stress chew at his sanity. To only a handful of people, this did not make sense. But to most, pain was, indeed, a deadly weapon that killed someone without warning.

It was only a matter of days after which the kingdom’s affairs resorted to their full and in no time, the living prince restored it to its former glory. The new king didn’t let pain take over him as several people had thought he would. As the heir to the throne, he had been taught to pay little heed to emotions. So, he didn’t let the loss of his brother derail him from his conquests. Power was, after all, necessary.

It was only after two decades or so that the prophecy turned true. King Carlos’s child murdered him in his sleep with the same poison that he had given his brother to take over the throne himself. Had the late foretellers been alive to see it, they would have pointed it out as destiny’s revenge. Following the death of the King, the Lapaz Kingdom crushed under the weight of rebellion, only to be forgotten in history.