The Fish Fell In Love With The Bird 1


The story about the little fish falling in love with the big bird also began in the traditional style. It read once up a time, a golden fish leaned by the Aullrey lake’s water. The water was a clear, crystal blue that glistened under the sparkling yellow sun rays, which licked at its surface. The little fish had golden fins and deep blue eyes that looked stone black under the dark of the water.

The little fish was touted to be the prettiest of all fishes due to her shimmering coat and the mesmerizing criss-cross of scales. She hung around in the company of other similar fishes, small and quick as the lightning. The young ones often came to the surface due to their agility to dodge their human predators, possibly the most dangerous ones ever known to the sea creatures.

However, the elderly stayed deep under the waters, never going up to sunbathe. They were old souls, not fast enough to outrun the devilish plot that was the fishing net. Eventually, as the season shifted to lower temperatures, the younger ones also started to migrate to the bottom of the lake. But the pretty little fishie was different. She was unique and she wondered all through the summers about the birds and how they weren’t restricted to the waters.

She thought about the sky being the bird’s limit and how those creatures kissed the zenith every now and then. She also wondered how it felt to lie on the soft fluffy clouds. Not everyone saw her piqued curiosity though. Nobody in her shoal and none of the other bigger fishes that resided under the lowest blanket of the lake water saw it. Only one bird with a smooth feather coat saw the curiosity that the little fish’s stone round eyes made little effort to hide.

As the winters neared and most of the fishes settled for the warm water in the lower layers, the Bird befriended the little fish. She was more than happy to converse with the flying creature, ever excited to listen to his stories. It started with a small, ‘hello’ and bricked one story on another to become friendship.

Despite no one accompanying her, the little fish always swam to the surface to meet the Bird, come hell or high water. But when the water’s upper layer froze to form a mirror, the little fish found herself caged from the outside world. She trotted to all the ends of the lake but couldn’t establish any connection with the bird.

During the winters, the little fish realized that she missed the bird more dearly than she had comprehended. She itched to be in his company. At first, she did not understand. Later, however, she put two and two together to understand that she had fallen in love with the Bird.

The elders didn’t know yet but all the other fishes in her school warned her against the Bird. Again, a mindboggling puzzle stared right at the little fish.