A Retelling of The Little Mermaid: Part IV


The moon was a sharply outlined bulb sitting peacefully in the night sky. It was stitched to perfection with all the accompanying stars that assumed random distances around it. Regardless of the sky’s design on the seventh day of the month, Ariel sat silently, an odd contrast to the shimmering stars with all the dark thoughts poking and teasing her.

The night hour was a blanket of silence with nothing but the waves making deep bows to the moon, full of gratitude to the moon, their Lord. But while everything had hushed at this hour, Ariel’s mind was loud with all the war within it. She even worried that her frantically pacing heart might wake someone up but the thick crust of water below its surface would prevent her heartache into slipping its groans to the kingdom beneath.

She knew she was doing wrong; she knew she was breaking the rules but she also realized that it was not her sensible doing. It was what her heart was blackmailing her into doing. His smile had that way of weaving magic onto her senses, challenging her to of make difficult choices. She wasn’t supposed to be seen by the shores yet she was there every day. But this morning, she did not go.

Ariel had watched from afar how Philip had kept his word and came to see her as he always promised at the end of every departing day. He carried some stuff with him too, something that he called made memories but Ariel never asked of things like that, she only smiled in an attempt to conceal her ignorance.

But she was amazed nonetheless; fascinated that Philip looked like her but could walk the surface and go beyond the same shores that she watched every day. Most of all though, she loved the way he smiled, it painted an assuring color to his soul and the way he behaved toward her as if she were someone delicate who needed to be cared for. The twinkle in his eyes and the way he was interested in listening to what she had to say also made her take her final call.

His warmth assured her that Philip was a trusted person, someone who could harbor a secret, the one who was ready to know of her identity and keep it to himself. His kindness with the way he cupped all the seashells, as if they were breathing, and gathered them in a place for Ariel to pick made her sure that he was a loving soul.

Utmost of all, Ariel’s absence today served as the final nail in the coffin. His smile had faltered and fallen off his lips altogether when she was nowhere to be seen today. The look on his face only told Ariel that he felt what she felt for him.

Even though warnings rung their ugly, shrill bells in Ariel’s mind, tales of tragedy started poking their heads yet her emerging feelings for Philip that she had never previously felt made her turn down the begging of her other thoughts. After days of despair and hours of indecision, the mermaid had finally decided that she would hide no more from the one she had slowly started to love.