The Liar and the Lion – Part II


A few weeks down, the yellow-orange day descended quickly. The sun was a weakling that day, and the town was increasingly anxious and agile. They moved around quickly, anticipating a storm or some rain, so they needed to cut their daily chores short and wrap everything up fast.

The children, however, perked up with the weather that beat the odds of the intensity of the sun that shone overhead every day. A cool breeze trickled down from the West, and although everything was a blur of haste yet everyone was peaceful. They were all aware that they had the force of unity to protect them as a whole, regardless of how big the calamity was.

This was the favorite trait of the town, standing against one another despite the consequences. It gave them all the strength to deal with their lacking and dearth. Even if famine fell or a drought broke loose in the village, the people had one another to hold on to and make through the problem, no matter how big it was.

The children’s cries and the hustle of the day merged into the daily drone of activities. The blacksmith beat his anger and energy into the red hot iron, whereas, the tailor pressed needles urgently into the fabrics, as the light of the day hurriedly vanished in between the fluffy gray clouds. Amidst the hurried monotony of work, a cry emerged from the West, and the shepherd boy screamed that a lion had finally come.

Without a second thought, all and sundry dropped their work and headed in the direction of the scream only to discover that the scream was a false alert. The village was pranked once again, and they headed down to resume their work without as much as a scolding to the young boy who could not curb his laughter at all.

Only three days later to this incident, in the wee hours of the morning, the sun climbed up the sky in all its glory, unaware of the misery to unfold within his reign that day. A few hours into the day, while everyone was working their chores, a fierce cry penetrated the daily drill of the day, but everyone continued with their activities. The villagers knew that this was another joke by the shepherd to lighten his day up. So they sustained working without paying much heed to the screams.

A few minutes later, the shoemaker thought that he heard the lion roar in the distance, but without alerting anyone, he silently escaped to look into his doubts. The boy was a liar who played with the emotions of all those who loved him. His lies betrayed everyone’s trust, and so everybody had to stop believing in him. Lies are fraudulent ways of shattering hurts. The shoemaker returned to the town to report the villagers of the death of the young liar who lost his life entangled in his own dishonesty. Lies come with a price.