Wisps of A Sinking Empire: Part IV


In a land whose name is lost to history, the seven sisters of the kingdom tried to hold steady in the storm that came its way. In the turbulent times, their father, the King betrayed their mother and preferred women of other cultures to his wife. She was left with tears and silence in an attempt to save the kings reputation.

It is said that the king had a harem of women from all around the world. Every night, he walked from his bedchamber to the harem, leaving his wife with a sinking heart. By and by, his folly showed bitter results. His drunken demeanor resulted in the lose of several territories that served as vital veins of the empire.

To save the inevitable doom of the land, the king decided to wed his daughters to the neighboring lands in exchange for land and treasures. It is said that the seven sisters radiated a mesmerizing beauty but they were all sensitive souls. They wept each hour for their mother’s pain and dreaded a future like hers.

When the wedlock of the first sister was decided and whispered to the seven sisters by the palace’s servants, the sisters were hit with a deep round of sorrow. One dark night, their mother tried to convince the king against the marriage. In return, the girls only heard the queen’s shrieks until suddenly the screams were snuffed quiet.

A deadly silence had befallen the palace that night when the queen’s murder’s news was tried to be sealed within the walls of the palace. The seven sisters escaped with their mother’s body to the nearby forest and vanished.

The sun rose a few hours later than it usually did that night. And during those wee hours when the dark leaks into the light, the departing moon turned red and cries echoed from all the corners of the land.

Some eyewitnesses said that the girls had cried to the Lord for mercy who in turn granted them powers to have their revenge on earth. The seven sisters were blessed with immense powers, the next morning the river that drained into the palace, carrying pristine water as the routine was but returned from the palace, shaded red.

Nobody knows how the sisters killed their father. Yet, what is thought is that the seven sisters poisoned their father with herbs only witches could know of. These seven sisters still exist, with immense powers to get what they want. There is a silent pact of peace with them. But now that my men have stepped into their land, there is no turning back.

It is said that the witches loathe men and if they think that a certain man shares any feature or expressions with their father, they would seek him and tear him apart.

The tragedy is that a captain who shares looks with the seven witches’ father led the drunken soldiers. I have seen it myself and compared his face to the sketched portraits preserved in the dungeons of the castle. The captain, the king, my husband deeply resembles the dead king. The witches would have him no matter what.


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