The Silver Mask – Part 11


Sirens. Screaming. Awake.

Another nightmare. Waking life had been so unbearable for Daniel that he had taken sleeping pills so that he would not have to endure it. However, even his sleep was tortuous. He was so groggy that he could barely stand. Sleeping for nearly twenty four hours can do that to a person. He closed his eyes once more. Just a few more minutes of sleep. Maybe a few more hours. Why should he have to get up anyway? He had been through so much. He deserved a break.


“A… A mask?” said the incredulous police officer at the front desk. “You think that people have been getting hurt by some… mask?”

“I don’t think it’s I happening I know it’s happening!” said Daniel. “I have proof, look!”
He waved the CD in front of the officer’s increasingly confused face. The officer grabbed the CD and said, “What is this?”

“It’s a security tape,” said Daniel. “My friend Bethany had a psychotic episode after putting the mask on. I gave the mask to a private forensic lab to see if it had any drugs on it or anything. The technician working on it found nothing so he put the mask on only to meet the same fate.”

“I… I really don’t know what to say,” said the officer. “I guess I can write this up, but we are going to have to take a look at the video.”

“Yes of course,” said Daniel. The officer escorted him into a room where another slightly more important looking officer joined them. One look at the security was all they needed. Daniel showed them Bethany’s medical report and they saw that there was a connection between the two occurrences.

“I can’t believe it,” said the police officer from the front desk. “How could a mask do something like this?”

“Do you have the mask in your possession right now?” asked the senior officer.

“No,” said Daniel. “It’s at the lab in a safe, I believe. I didn’t want anyone touching it.”

“You are going to have to bring it to us, but first we are going to have to ask you a few questions,” said the senior officer.

“Of course,” said Daniel. “I understand.”

“Where did you find the mask?” asked the officer.

“In the park,” said Daniel. “I had gone out for a walk and I just saw it lying in the bushes. It looked pretty cool, it’s a shiny, silver mask after all, so I picked it up and brought it home with me.”

“Why did your friend put it on?” asked the officer.

“I…” said Daniel, unsure of how to go about explaining this to the officer. “There was something off about the mask. You will notice it when you see it. I called Bethany over so she could confirm that something was off. She put it on and then…”

The officers looked at each other. “Mr. Bullock, I think you should go ahead and bring that mask to us now.”