The Silver Mask – Part 6


The slightest gleam of silver made Daniel jerk his head in its direction. He was sweating profusely, even though he had expected to feel an increasing sense of calm the further he got from where he had buried the silver mask. Driving whilst constantly on the verge of a panic attack meant that Daniel was putting himself in danger, but the danger of the mask was a far more pressing concern. To this day he could not explain the dangers it represented. He was still surprised that the doctor had not had him locked up when he tried to tell him.


“So what you’re trying to tell me,” said the doctor, “is that she was completely fine until she put the mask on?”

“Yes,” said Daniel. “I have no idea how such a thing could have had such an enormous impact on her. I mean, it’s just a mask after all.”

“Did you put it on?” asked the doctor.

“No,” said Daniel. “It’s the strangest thing… putting the mask on seemed like such an attractive notion. And yet, at the same time, I couldn’t help but feel like putting it on would be the wrong thing for me to do in that moment.”

The doctor rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “The mask might be some kind of psychological trigger,” said the doctor. “Perhaps she has had some bad experiences that she pushed into the back of her mind, and when she put the mask on these experiences ended up coming to the forefront of her psyche, thus sending her into this panicked frenzy.”

Daniel was silent. This did not seem like the most likely cause for his friend’s condition but he did not know how to tell the doctor that he did not believe in this theory. Thankfully, the doctor himself said, “That doesn’t seem logical, though. I am just thinking out loud. It is highly possible that the mask was laced with some kind of drug, a hallucinogen most likely.”

“But why would someone do that?” asked Daniel. “Just lace some silver mask with a drug and then leave it in the bushes.”

“A prank?” said the doctor, “Perhaps just some twisted individual who wanted to cause havoc? It is possible that someone was hoping a child would find it and put it on right then and there, thereby allowing them to witness the pandemonium first hand. There are a lot of sick people out there.”

“So what should we do?” asked Daniel.

“You can try handing it over to the police,” said the doctor, “but I highly doubt that they are going to take it seriously. Here, take this card. It has the number of a private agency that runs drug tests for people. You can ask them to check the mask out.”

Daniel took the card. “Alright,” he said, “I’ll get right on that.