The Silver Mask – Part 5


Daniel entered his car and breathed a deep sigh. He may not have felt the sense of profound relief that he had been hoping for, but regardless he was experiencing a sense of accomplishment. In buying the mask he had finally taken an enormous step towards being rid of the demons that had been haunting him for so very long. A gleam in the rearview mirror caught his eye and Daniel quickly turned. The gleam had been unmistakably silver. Could it be? After a few minutes of surveying the area behind his car Daniel turned back around and buried his face in his hands.


Bethany was in the emergency room. She was screaming again and Daniel simply could not take it. He covered his ears with his hands but this did little to block out the noise. Bethany’s screams were far too shrill, far too agonized.
He could see her through the glass panel in the doors. Three people were struggling to hold her down, three people who were larger and stronger than she was and yet they were still struggling. Bethany was not at all herself. It was like some kind of demon had possessed her.

She was scratching at the nurses and doctors that were trying to calm her down, her eyes popping out with fear, and it was only when they injected her with a sedative that she became passive enough for them to be able to restrain.
After checking her vitals and speaking to the nurses, the doctor came out with a worried look upon his face. Before Daniel could ask, he said, “She seems to be having some kind of psychotic episode. Does she have a history of mental illness?”

“No, not at all,” said Daniel. “She has always been mentally healthy.”

“She was screaming… strange things,” said the doctor. “Screaming about someone that is coming to get her. Or something. This is obviously not normal. In fact, these are signs of schizophrenia, but since you are saying that she does not have a history of mental illness I am honestly at a loss to tell you what is actually wrong with her.”

“So is there nothing you can do?” asked Daniel, starting to get seriously worried for his friend.

“We have sedated her,” said the doctor, “that should keep her calm for a little while, which would give us time to run some tests. It is very possible that she has a mental illness which is only showing symptoms now, I am not going to rule that out.”

“Apart from mental illness what other possible causes could there be?” asked Daniel.

“If it’s not mental illness it could be the result of brain damage,” said the doctor, “but honestly this is like nothing I have ever seen before. Does she take any drugs?”

“None,” said Daniel, “she doesn’t even smoke weed.”

“It’s possible that she has been taking drugs without your knowledge,” said the doctor. “We will run tests just to be sure. Either way, you have to tell me what happened to trigger this reaction.”
Daniel gaped at the doctor. Where would he even begin explaining what had happened?