The Caretaker of The Throne: Part II


When The Lioness was taken into captivity, she could sense betrayal from her closest aids. She had from little to no faith in them. In fact, her heart basked in the hope that her people would turn out smarter. But a kingdom without their queen is like a crowd without a leader, a herd of sheep without a guiding shepherd.

One last ray of hope for the Lioness still prevailed, though. It shined under the cloak of unrecognizability. Sharp minds expect the winds to blow completely against their favor too. So The Lioness had already planned beforehand for such polluted winds. She never drew the curtains over her secret lineage, her son. The Lioness’s son was trained under the secret tunnels of the palace by Tiselda herself.

When his mother was taken a prisoner, his young blood coursed with revenge. But the young boy’s mother had taught him lessons of patience. Now, he was to make perseverance his weapon and treachery his tool to bring his mother’s betrayer down.

Young, determined, and bubbling with ideas to get what was his, the Lioness’s Son used the same tricks to fool his mother’s deceivers. The vizier and his vultures did not reap much from what they sowed. After all, disloyalty begets disloyalty. So they never really trusted each other fully. Suspicion made the work easy for The Lioness’s Son.

Two decades down and chaos was replaced with order. Luck sided the vizier and he along with his band raised a semi-stable kingdom albeit much smaller than The Lioness’s kingdom. It was a kingdom known to flourish on slavery; with a foundation of distrust.

Hungry bellies of laborers fed sumptuous meals to their masters. Men were treated as animals that were meant to run the mills round the clock. Any lazy demeanor was rewarded with 26 lashes then and there. And so wheat was grinded and served on the tables of the palace.

The Lioness’s Son worked as another humble servant, wearing a disguise of truthfulness in the shades of faithfulness. Gradually, he started tossing lies and false news hither and thither. And a disloyal, paranoid person himself knows how disloyalty from anyone can attack suddenly. The Lioness’s cub did just that. He fabricated lies and wove more distrust among the allies of the vizier.

In the battle between greed and disloyalty, only failure stands triumphant. By and by, The Cub cleared the ground with his wits. Never once had the prince felt that need to dirty his hands, dirty tricks turned the tides against the vultures themselves. They fought among each other and ended each other in the fears of what’s to come.