The Silver Mask – Part Two


The memory of the moment he realized the otherworldly whispers were coming from the very mask he was trying to get rid of threw Daniel into a fit of panic. He started to frantically toss dirt back into the hole he had dug in, making sure that the first few shovelfuls hit the mask dead on and covered it up.

He wanted to stop thinking about it and all of the torment it had caused him, but as he tried to bury the cause of his torment and misery over the past six weeks Daniel couldn’t help but recall his history with this silver mask.


There was no doubt about it. The noises were coming from the mask and Daniel honestly had no idea what to make of this. How could this be possible?

He picked the mask up and brought the mouth hole to his ear. The whispers were strange, no matter how hard he tried he could not discern what was being said. Maybe it’s the way the mouthpiece is shaped, Daniel thought to himself, maybe it’s just the noise of air moving through it.

Daniel examined the mask and started to notice that there were a great many things that were just not quite right about it after close inspection.

To start off with, the mask was quite heavy. Silver was a fairly light metal, so if this mask had been made of it, it would not have had the heft it possessed. The mask also never seemed to get smudged or marked. When Daniel moved his hand across the silver material, his skin left no mark the way it would have on any other metal.

Daniel placed the mask back on the mantelpiece and started to back away. What was this thing? He wanted to throw it away, and perhaps if he had done so in this moment his life would have not suffered the downward spiral it was about to over the next six weeks. He did not throw it away, however; his curiosity was starting to get the better of him.

He called his friend Bethany. At this point, the mask was no more than a curiosity, and he wanted to show it to somebody and talk about it. He wanted someone to affirm his feelings regarding the mask.

“Hey Beth,” he said when his friend picked up, “I found this weird mask today, there’s something so strange about it. Want to come over and see?”

When Bethany responded agreeably, saying that she would be over in twenty minutes, Daniel cut the call and approached the silver mask. It was at this point that he realized that the whispering from the mouthpiece was not the only overtly strange thing about the mask. When Daniel looked closely into the eye holes, he noticed a strange sort of shimmering going on, the way a mirage would look on a hot day.

Daniel hoped that Bethany would get here soon. This mask was starting to really creep him out.