The Smell Of Their Cologne



We were on a beautiful cruise during the summer season witnessing the magnificent skies, seas and the islands that passed by. My wife had planned this trip for over a year. We were about to visit over 8 islands in the course of 15 days. And finally, we made it.

I went outside to smoke a cigarette and watched as my wife chatted away with some of our fellow passengers. She had thick black hair being fanned by the wind, a gorgeous sandy skin complexion with the most beautiful body I had ever seen. It made me wonder if there was really anything else that I wanted? The answer was in negation. I loved her to pieces. We had fought to live together and that day, we were celebrating our first anniversary of success.

I remember the day I asked her out and she shyly walked past the question. I kept asking her for a few more days until she dropped a note that said ‘Yes’. That note has found home in my wallet ever since. However, it was only the tip of an iceberg of the struggle we were going to put ourselves through. Soon after she got in to a medical school in another state while I struggled to make ends meet at a local diner. We did not ‘match’ according to the standards that society had set. But we threw caution in the wind and kept going because our love was strong.

I worked day in and day out to make enough money for a decent home for her. Despite of what I did, I could afford to visit her once a year. In the first year of her college, we decided that I’ll make one trip during the winter seasons while she will come over for summers. I thought it would work out well for us. After all, we had telephones for communication otherwise.

The first time I visited her, I was very nervous. I was very intimated at the thought of a university so I prepped up, looked decent and waited for her to step out of university. It was only a while when she came walking out. She met me and introduced me to her friend, Josh. We went for lunch and then Josh left us. I spent a wonderful weekend with her. She was lovely to be around with.

Fast forward a few years and we just got married. I couldn’t visit her every year but told her that I’ll always come whenever she needs me. I had to work hard to keep her and so I did. I loved her immensely and intensely.

The yacht that we went for a cruise on broke down in the middle of nowhere. Literally, nowhere. Emergency boats were called and I asked my wife to go ahead while I helped other passengers. We swam to a nearby island and I got lost. It was getting dark and I couldn’t find my way to where the boats or the people were.

I was stunned, scared and shocked. Stuck on an island with no resources. But not later than a few hours, a feeling set into me.

I did not want to go back.

I did not want to go to her.

I wanted it to end.

The agony, the pretentiousness, the smell of other guys cologne from her clothes.

I loved her too much.