The Unknown – Introduction


How do you feel about the unknown? Or do you only believe in what you see? Have you ever felt a presence, which you couldn’t explain? Have you ever been afraid to go in the dark? Why is it that we naturally have a fear of the dark? You can’t deny that you’ve been afraid of it when you were little even if you aren’t right now.


Well, it is the fear of the unknown. It is not the dark that you fear, it is what lies in the darkness. From a whisper in the wind, to a cool breeze – From a gentle touch on your shoulder to a nudge when you’re asleep. How often has it happened that you feel someone watching you while you’re trying to sleep and you open your eyes only to find that there’s no one there? How do you explain such things? Is it your body playing tricks on you? How often do you wake up with a jerk and your heart racing? Is it just because of a dream that you had or is it something more because most of the time, you don’t even remember falling in your dream.


This isn’t meant to scare you, not one bit. This is just to inform you of the “unknown”. Something which can’t be explained. Something which we don’t yet fully understand. A parallel universe? Ghosts? Beings, which our eyes aren’t able to see? Or is it really just our imagination playing tricks on us? Well, this series will look deeper into this subject with stories which might send shivers down your spine. I’ll let you be the judge. I’ll let you decide. In the meantime, if you ever feel a presence in the room while your lights are out, do not ignore it for I have come to regret it and so have many others. If you ever have this sort of feeling, keep your night light on. Is it not better to be safe than sorry?