Demon in the Corner

My mind is not a palace, it’s a prison of my own making. I’m always buried in my...

The Silver Mask – Part 15

The Silver Mask – Part 14

The Silver Mask – Part 13

The Silver Mask – Part 12

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A Retelling of The Little Mermaid: Part V

Philip’s POV “I watch her keenly with my passion for her ablaze. I am certain that whatever it is that she is hiding from me...

Life As I See It- Part I

The sun shines brightly on my window, I can tell by the light shade that forms on my curtains that I often keep sealed....

Blank: Part 1

Beloved Benedict, The snake with two heads is real, while you might not believe me; you are my only hope at breathing some sense into...


The Assassin’s Choice Part I

The night sky was enveloped in a thick layer of foggy clouds that had almost descended on the dirt-kissed narrow streets of the Lalvaya...

Little Boxes of Adversity: Part I

At a dark and damp corner of a room in every home, sat a small box; wrapped in a charcoal-colored paper. Some boxes were...

The Northern Reckoning – Part 7

Yomadan rode back to his camp, ruminating on his parley with Eamus. He was just as devious as ever, Yomadan had seen in his...

The Northern Reckoning – Part 6

The bells were ringing in Basileus, signaling the start of a curfew Eamus had put in place. He could not yet hear the war...

The Northern Reckoning – Part 5

“Mind your grip now, lad,” said Enoch, casually knocking the sword out of his young student’s hands. “I understand the need to strike hard,...

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The Thirst Of Significance

  Beyond the wild, far and east, a little leaf fell to the floor. Crunched and hunched by many who pass by, the sight of...