Demon in the Corner

My mind is not a palace, it’s a prison of my own making. I’m always buried in my...

The Silver Mask – Part 15

The Silver Mask – Part 14

The Silver Mask – Part 13

The Silver Mask – Part 12

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The Stranger

The bare white walls surrounding them, enclosing them, protecting them; they were their home. The home they had known for so long. The green...

The Silver Mask – Part 9

Once the tenth beer can was empty, Daniel flung it to the other side of the room only to almost topple out of his...

The Silver Mask – Part 12

Drip, drip drip The tap was leaking. Or was that the drool from Daniel’s mouth? He was starting to wonder if this sleeping pill binge...


The Assassin’s Choice Part I

The night sky was enveloped in a thick layer of foggy clouds that had almost descended on the dirt-kissed narrow streets of the Lalvaya...

Little Boxes of Adversity: Part I

At a dark and damp corner of a room in every home, sat a small box; wrapped in a charcoal-colored paper. Some boxes were...

The Northern Reckoning – Part 7

Yomadan rode back to his camp, ruminating on his parley with Eamus. He was just as devious as ever, Yomadan had seen in his...

The Northern Reckoning – Part 6

The bells were ringing in Basileus, signaling the start of a curfew Eamus had put in place. He could not yet hear the war...

The Northern Reckoning – Part 5

“Mind your grip now, lad,” said Enoch, casually knocking the sword out of his young student’s hands. “I understand the need to strike hard,...

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The Silver Mask – Part 11

Sirens. Screaming. Awake. Another nightmare. Waking life had been so unbearable for Daniel that he had taken sleeping pills so that he would not have...